The G.K.V. Society came in to existence on 29-4-1999 in Agra under Act. XXI of 1860 (Registration No. Ag 24050/527). Prof. Rajendra Singh was the first President of the society and Dr Vinay Singh its first Secretary. First issue of the journal (Annals of Plant and Soil Research) of the society was published in 1999. Since then the journal has been published uninterrupted. It has played significant role in providing suitable forum for exchange of ideas, encouraging research and disseminating knowledge of Plant and Soil Science to research workers. Journal includes articles on agronomy, soil plant science, horticulture, water use, microbiology, plant disease and pest, genetics, breeding with emphasis on original articles, from India and countries having similar agricultural conditions.

Publisher: The G.K.V. Society

Print ISSN: 0972-1959

On line ISSN: 2347-6036

Number of issue per year: 4

Print frequency: Quarterly

Month(s) of publication: March, June, September and December


To disseminate knowledge of soil and plant sciences To promote inter- disciplinary research in the field of soil sciences and plant sciences and provide a forum for exchange of ideas to research workers.

To work in close association with various societies and organizations having similar objectives.

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